Favour E.C.D Daycare Organization

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About Us

Favour E.C.D Daycare Organization is a Mombasa, Kenya-based daycare center involved in providing baby class and care services to the local customers in the region. The Mombasa, Kenya-based daycare center believes in imparting quality education to mentally disabled children to bring quality change in their lives.

Favour E.C.D Daycare Organization was started in the year 2007 with the mission of giving quality education and other services to normal and mentally retarded children. Right from the onset, the Mombasa, Kenya-based daycare center believes in picking up the children at the budding stage to mold their lives. Through this humble effort, the Mombasa, Kenya-based daycare center wants to show the people that anybody can start this venture and bring qualitative difference in the lives of these children. We charge only modest fee for imparting quality education to these children. Building on the goodwill of the parents of these differently abled children, we want to open more branches worldwide to spread our good services.

Our Profile
Favour E.C.D Daycare Organization is a leading daycare center in Mombasa, Kenya. At our center, we have well-trained nannies to give the baby-sitting and baby education services. These people will extend their motherly instincts to take care of the babies. Apart from baby-sitting, they also offer baby classes to teach the toddlers a few things in playful manner. In 2007, the Mombasa, Kenya-based daycare center started with one child. At present, the Mombasa-situated center has a strength of 35 children.

Apart from daycare services, this institution is also committed to give quality education to the mentally disabled children of the society. We further believe that by changing the lives of mentally disabled children, the society's outlook towards them can be changed. To meet this end, the institution charges only nominal fees for its services. Our staff members are very sensitive to the needs of these mentally disabled children. All the classes in the center are having ideal teacher-to-student ratio of 1: 20. This enables the staff members to devote undivided attention to all the students in the class.